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Shakhtar FC celebrated it’s 75th Anniversary at the Donbass Arena in Donetsk, Ukraine in April 2011, the show featured mass choreography, large scale video projection and a finale concert by Rihanna; the event was broadcast in HDTV around Europe.

The ceremony was produced by Italian company K-Events with direction by Bryn Walters, the Art Director was Lida Castelli, Artistic Producer was Annalisa Barbieri, Production Director was Marco Astarita and the Executive Producer was Marco Balich.

The large scale projection was created by Patrice Bouqueniaux and Cosmo and a very delicate balance had to be found with the lighting levels to allow the video projection to work well on HDTV. The lighting was supplied by Agora under the direction of Nicola-Manuel Tallino and programmed by Alex Passmore.

Photo credits
Photos courtesy of K-Events
Photos by Patrice Bouqueniaux

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