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The beautiful refurbishment of St Pancras High Speed Rail Station was officially opened by Her Majesty the Queen at the Royal Opening Ceremony on the 6th of November 2007. The event was Produced by Jon Teeman for London Continental Railways and Designed by Mark Fisher with Sound Design by Derek Zieba and TV Direction by Aubrey Powell.

Equipment included SX10K-D and SXB-52 Syncrolites, High End Showguns, Mac2k wash lights, VariLite VL2000 and VL500 wash lights, Clay Paky Alpha Halo wash lights and Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1200s. The exterior of the building was illuminated with Mac 2k washes and Philips Arena Visions, 4-head Skytrackers for aerial effects and the main facade was lit by 50,000w and 100,000w Soft Suns from Lighting Strike Inc supplied by Cirrolight.

The lighting equipment was supplied by PRG UK and programmed by Ross Williams. Lighting production management was by James Tomlinson and Peter Marshall for PRG and Associate LD was Nick Jones.

Photos courtesy of LCR
Interior Photos by Durham Marenghi
St Pancras exterior photo by Mark Fisher.

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