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And Finally

As we reach the eleventh week of this digest and work, at least in the virtual world of presenting future concepts, seems to be slowly emerging from the chrysalis of the pandemic lock down I have a few final short…

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His Secret Passion

In the late eighties I had the pleasure of working with Giles Havergal at the Citizen’s Theatre and Welsh National Opera and Philip Prowse at Opera North in Leeds. The first performance with Philip was Tamburlaine which he directed and…

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Under Arrest

During my travels around the World flashing coloured lights in people’s faces (as my son Robert once described my profession) I have found myself in some bizarre situations and sometimes at odds with security or law enforcement through no real…

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Me Old China

I have been most fortunate in having been invited to light some fantastic events over the years not least of which was my invitation to light the 2012 ‘Handover to London’ during the closing ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic…

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